Desert Knights rebounded to the Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for another weekend in a row. This time, the limited-time event’s highlights some new features such as group queuing and also incorporates new rules.

According to a blog post on PUBG’s website, the second repetition of Desert Knights still takes a position on Miramar. However, this time the event emphasizes 24 players instead of 20, and everyone is separated into three groups of eight. You’ll drop with level three vests, helmets, and backpacks already equipped, as well as a care package weapon, first aid kit, random sidearm, and two grenades.

Hitting out or eliminating opponents profits your team three points, and the first team to reach 150 points–or has the greatest score by the end of the time limit–wins the match. Matches have been lengthened from 12 minutes to 15. Unlike in PUBG’s normal battle royale, if you die in Desert Knights, you’ll ultimately respawn. Killed players are thrown back into the plane 30 seconds after their death and have to try and carefully drop back onto the battlefield. There are only a few safe zones on Miramar during Desert Knights, which are mapped out in the image below.

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Some of PUBG’s normal features are disabled during Desert Knights. No care packages will drop on the battlefield throughout a Desert Knights match, and the red zone won’t arrive either. Dynamic weather is turned off, so you’ll always play on Miramar during sunrise. There’s no friendly fire in Desert Knights either.

Desert Knights is already live on Xbox One, and will proceed during the weekend. The event ends September 30, 7 PM PDT / September 31, 4 AM CEST. PUBG will repeat and improve the event each week based on community feedback.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available on Xbox One and PC, and there are rumors the game is coming to PS4 as well.