We just heard from IEM Katowice being played without Audience because of Coronavirus danger. The virus has spread to a lot of countries now, and organisations dont want to risk any lifes. Previously, Chinese League of Legends Pro League was delayed and later suspended because of Coronavirus danger.

The LPL announced that League of Legends season will continue from March 9th, however, the league is still under investigation. All League of Legends players will be required to test during a 14-day monitored period.

League Of LEgends

The biggest change from LPL includes Online tournaments. All IPL 2020 spring matches will be held Online, because of health concerns. The ESports venues are very saturated and it can be dangerous in such a situation. The virus at those places spread very easily. Players will play from their organization Headquarters, except those who are stuck in provinces under quarantine. Other games are trying to play without the crowd, however, LPL is still concerned, thus it’ll be the first time League of Legends matches are being played online.

The virus has caused delays to some very interesting things. Overwatch League Matches were first delayed and later rescheduled due to coronavirus. The Other Worlds Nintendo Switch release is still delayed. Other things like Valve Index VR will also take more time than usual to restock. Most of Valve Index VR parts are made in China, and due to virus all manufacturing is closed or delayed.

Lastly, this virus at the moment is very active in China, but experts suggest that there are cases in America and European countries too. Travelers who actively move between China and Europe or America can spread the virus if they get infected. The World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhamom Ghebreyesus says that “This is an emergency in China, but it has not yet become a global health emergency.”

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