Earlier today, LG announced that it will organize an event on October 3rd to unveil the V40 ThinQ. The V40 is going to be the next flagship phone from LG, notably, LG’s fourth flagship this year. If we focus on the catchphrase of the event invitation it says “Take Five”, which is a little bit weird and new for everyone as well, considering the fact that the “it took five tries to nail this” slogan indicates that we might be enlightened with a new flagship device sporting five cameras.

If that’s true, the V40 might be the first smartphone to include five cameras — probably, that’d be two on the face and three on the rear. While that sequence would be new, those setups aren’t unique. Huawei combined a triple-camera system on the P20 Pro earlier this year, and numerous companies have included dual-camera systems on the front. This quantity of cameras allows for some superior processing effects, but mostly, it just allows different zoom abilities. 

LG is trying to set its V-series apart from its main line up by targetting it at the people who are looking to produce various types of media. While that target got dumped over time, the additional cameras could start to restore the line’s focus.

That being said, LG still has to output a lot to make this phone stand out from the crowd and not just make it a visible gimmick. The V40 is supposed to have a Snapdragon 845 processor and a quad DAC – Though it’s rumored to be 6.3 inches tall with a notch which would be very new.

We’ll keep you updated with V40’s news as time goes by.

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