Epic Games Store has a new free game this week, and this time, it is Limbo taking the place of Torchlight.

As you all know that Epic Games Store is giving away a free game every week throughout the whole year, However, Limbo is now free to grab this week on Epic Games Store and will remain free until July 25, 2019. Limbo is a puzzle-platform game which is developed by Playdead. Moreover, the game is presented in a black-and-white theme and follows the story of a boy who is trying to find his sister. Player has to guide this unarmed boy through a dangerous environment which includes traps and puzzles. Developers built the puzzles of the game expecting the player to fail before finding the way forward. The game’s second half features building puzzles and traps using machinery, electromagnets, and gravity. Many of these traps are not visible until triggered, which may result in killing the boy. 

The original price of Limbo on Epic Games Store is $5.99, and you can get it for absolutely free. Click here, if you want to get yourself a free copy of this game. Limbo will be free on Epic Games Store from July 18 to July 25, 2019. You can also watch the trailer to get an idea about this game.

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