Logitech is known for making one of the best Gears. They have just introduced a new technology to their upcoming app. The upcoming app described as Immerse will allow players to customize gaming audio for better footsteps, racing sounds, gun-shots direction, and clear audio.

The app is made by Embody, which is a top spatial audio company. According to Embody, Immerse app makes sound realistic more than ever. They further said that it is designed for PC gamers to “hear game audio as you hear sounds in the real world”.


Apart from this, Immerse app is using Artificial Intelligence, which helps create a specific sound profile for each user. Once you download the Immerse app, it’ll require you to scan a QR Code, afterward, you have to take picture of your right ear with a mobile phone. Using this data, Immerse’s AI then makes use of algorithms to investigate the entire elements of your ear to foretell how your ears obtain sound.

Furthermore, Immerse app is offered as a subscription service. Players plan on getting it, will have to pay $3 per month. Immerse will also offer two weeks of free trial to all interested users. It’ll support all the Logitech Headsets, mentioned in the list below.

PRO Gaming Headset (2019)
PRO Gaming Headset (2017)
G233 Prodigy

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