Something extraordinary happened today, which once again brings us to the point that online gaming is revolutionary. The news starts with a Taiwanese Switch owner, who took his Nintendo Switch to an ATM. When withdrawing money, he left his Switch above the ATM Machine, and somehow forgot about it.

Well as it had to happen, someone picked up that Switch, and that awesome guy gave it to the police. The user had Online Game Animal Crossing installed, in which he had dozens of friends. The police were smart and sent a message to his friends notifying them that they have the Switch and it can be picked up at the Police Station, providing them with address.

“His Switch was picked up by a stranger, who sent it to the police,” the post continues. “Fortunately the Switch has a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so the police sent a message in the game to his AC friend, with the address and numbers of the police station, and told his AC friend to contact the owner and get his Switch back.”

“It worked, and the owner was notified by the friend who managed to get his Switch back successfully.”

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This really brightens my mood today. First of all hats off the guy who did not steal the device and handed over to the police. Along with that, that was really smart from the police that they actually knew how to message friends from in-game and make use of that technology. I know in some cases when devices like these are lost, they are really hard to get back. It must be nice to have a really honest police department in your country. This Switch user should be grateful!

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