First of all, let’s talk about the added LTE support for the Chromebook.

Samsung released the Chromebook Plus this summer with an improved processor and an added rear camera, and presently the company is releasing a further variant with one more addition, LTE connectivity for browsing on the go. And now that ChromeOS has added support to download android apps from play store, you are more likely to see more Chromebooks including touchscreens.

The Pen :


The Chromebook Plus and Pro are sleek 12.3-inch laptops that multiply as tablets. They carry a pen that jumps out of the right side of the system, which lets you take note in Google Keep or other apps in Google Play Store. The included app is smart and recognizes your hand-written characters and saves it for afterward.

The Screen and Hardware :


The Samsung Chromebooks grants a quad HD (2400 x 1600) display, protected by Gorilla Glass 3, and it features a 3:4 display aspect ratio. The Chromebook Plus is backed-up by an ARM processor, while the Pro happens to have an Intel Core m3 chip. Both Chromebooks come with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Samsung states that a user can expect 8 hours of battery time.

Multi-window feature :


Samsung added another feature to the Chromebook Plus and that’s a button in the bottom right edge of the screen that initiates a multi-window feature. This feature makes two apps work at the same time just like the android or windows multi-window feature.

Pricing :

The Chromebook Plus powered with the ARM processor starts at $449 USD, the Chromebook Plus v2 with added LTE support costs about $599 and the Intel Core m3 chip powered Chromebook Pro costs about $599, but it has no LTE support.


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