Luigi Mansion 3 is getting its paid DLC, with a lot of new features. The paid DLC will also introduce two new multiplayer expansions. Furthermore, all of these features are included in a single DLC, so you don’t have to pay for separate features.

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The newly added multiplayer mode is currently available at eShop for $10. Apart from this, Nintendo states that Luigi will get an update in two parts, the first part is due by April 30, 2030. It’ll contain three new Scream Park mini-games, three new floor themes for ScareScraper, six new themed ghosts, three new outfits, mummy wrap, and a giant bouffant hair-do.

The second part has no details, however, Nintendo states that it is due by July 31, 2020. Furthermore, people who pre-purchase the DLC now will get access to some exclusive items. Players will get a flashlight, that can be used to shine the shape of Polterpup’s face at any surface of the map. The flashlight can be accessed through your in-game inventory.