Anyone who has played the Mafia 1 will always remember the insane Racing Mission. The mission starts out of nowhere and requires you to complete it before you can continue the storyline. The race features cars of that era, which are extremely slow. It requires a lot of skill to complete the mission, and to be honest its quite frustrating.

Anyway, Hangar 13 was asked about the mission if it’ll be part of the remake. According to Hangar 13 President and Creative Officer Haden Blackman, it is still part of the game.

According to Haden, completing the mission is like a badge of honor. Moreover, he also says that its part of the charm of the original game, and they also want to add a bit of challenge to the gameplay. Haden continued saying that there will be difficulty level for it, but people will still fail a couple of times even on easy mode.

“A lot of the challenge comes from the fact that racing those types of vehicles is hard,” Haden continues. “It’s counterintuitive because you don’t ever want to open the throttle and simply go as fast as you can because that sets you up for disaster when a turn comes up. Said Haden in Interview.

“Trying to teach the player how to kind of feather the gas is a challenge. We’re still tuning the big race, and I guarantee we’ll be working on it until the day we ship.”

Lastly, he also mentioned that this type of mission is highly appreciated by some players. On the other hand, some get really angry and “want to put their controller through the monitor”.

 If you don’t know, the game starts with Tommy Angelo a taxi driver. Tommy really struggles with cash. However, that changes one day when he somehow meets up with the mob and starts working with them. Afterward, his life completely changes, and the game has some incredible Twists. I’ve to say Mafia 2 was really great featuring Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro, but I think the original Mafia game was much more exciting. It was more of a mob game, and the missions really felt like it. Anyway, Mafia Definitive edition is set to release on September 25, and you can already pre-order it on all platforms.

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