Going back for more than a decade. Mafia 1 was a great game, perhaps one of the all-time great mob games. However, the game had some frustrating features. Stuff like Immediate Penalties over bad driving and traffic rules was instant. The game had a story circled around Mobsters and Taxi Driving, thus driving was an essential part of the game. Most of the time you were driving around. Likewise, getting stopped at every corner was irritating.

Gladly, Mafia developers are aware of this problem. Hence, when the new Mafia: Definitive Edition will be out. The developers will completely change police difficulty meta. According to Hanger 13, the general difficulty will be changeable.

Mafia Game

“The original was a challenging game and that was part of its appeal,” Blackman explained. “So trying to walk that line with our normal difficulty mode and make sure that it feels still like a compelling experience for those that remember the original, but doesn’t alienate new fans and players.

In the remake game, Mafia will give you the option to decide how agressive or strict the police are. There will be also options, that you can set which will allow you to control certain factors.

In the same interview to US Gamer, Blackman also shared insights into the development. According to him, combat is completely enhanced. You will be seeing very lethal and realistic shoot-outs. Likewise, the game is getting a full remake, so tons of things are being changed. I’d recommend you read his interview!

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