What do you think about a tennis game where you can actually KO your opponent, where you can break your opponent’s racket with your killer shot! When a sports game is bundled with such crazy ideas, you know it who is the perpetrator behind this, Nintendo Mario series. Yes, Nintendo is back indeed with their new installation into Mario Tennis series this time around with Mario Tennis Aces. It was released on June 22nd, 2018 worldwide on Nintendo and Nintendo Switch.

As a die-hard Nintendo fan would expect nothing less of a highly anticipated Nintendo Switch game, this game is a must play. There is a lot of content to explore with more than 15 characters to chose from with the addition of new character by participating in monthly tournaments, or added to the game the following month if the player doesn’t participate. The explosive and vibrant gameplay truly brings justice to the hype, with a number of shot variations like the slice (curving the shot to one side), lob (lifting the ball upward) and top spins (spinning the ball parallel to the direction of shot). It gets more interesting from here with introduction of a Zone shot where you can stop the time and aim at the spot you wanna land your ball on and blasting the ball away, this shot is so strong it can actually break your opponent’s racket unless he returns it with a perfect timing (a Block). Nailing your timing to return a Zone shot is more difficult than it sounds, that’s where Zone Speed comes in to play. By activating Zone speed you can slow down the time around you and get to the shot quickly. All these moves are possible only after you energy gauge is full which can be filled by rallying or doing trick shots. Trick shots are risky shots with tricky movements like jumping over the ball to hit it back, and if you miss, it’ll cost you the point as well as your energy. Now you might be itching to know how to slay your opponent with an explosive KO. When your energy gauge is full, it is time for a Special Shot! Each shot is characteristic of the playing character and strong enough to break your opponent’s racket and when your opponent runs out of rackets to play it is a KO.


vg247.comThere are a bunch of modes from which you can play including the Basic mode where you can play a normal tennis game. Swing mode where you can play with you Joycon. 2 to 4 player mode for an exciting experience with your friends. The standard Grip mode where you play on your Nintendo Switch. And how can I leave the epic story mode out of this, story mode riled the fanbase with a wave of joy. The story mode is a must play adding to the amazing blend of Mario game style.




This game is not a mere tennis battle, it is much more than that, embodying a fine interplay between different moves and tricks allowing the player to run his brain to the fullest to come up with effective offensive and defensive moves at the right time leading him to victory.