During E3 2019, Square Enix revealed Marvel’s Avengers. The reactions from the fans were mixed. Some of them were excited about the game while on the other hand, some of them were not happy about the character designs for main characters such as Thor, Captain America, Black widow, Tony Stark, and Hulk.

Fans were disappointed about the character designs for the superheroes. However, everyone thought that Square Enix might change the character designs for the Superheroes after facing criticism, but Square Enix is not going to change it. According to Shaun Escayg, creative director of Crystal Dynamics: “We are always listening to, and welcome feedback from our community. There are currently no plans to change our character designs.” Moreover, he also said that the footage shown in the trailer is from the pre-alpha version of the game, and level of detail will improve over time as we get closer to the launch.

There was plenty of news of Marvel’s Avengers during E3. The game is going to release on May 15, 2020, so, we might see some improvements over the year.

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