As the tech world is eagerly keeping eyes and ears on just about any news related to the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, with teaser video leakage to make it even more anxious, another news has surfaced to tease its thirst! A newly emerged report claims that the three variants of the S10 series are already on full-blown mass production. Though the company is currently focusing on the production of 4G variants, the 5G option is anticipated to be produced later this year. The report also gives out that all the three variants come with a detachable screen protector as well as an in-display fingerprint scanner.

While citing a source from a South Korean supplier firm, investor reports state that the global mass production of all three models of Samsung Galaxy S10 series in 4G variants has begun whereas the 5G variant has been scheduled for production later in the first half of this year. 

“Samsung started mass producing the Galaxy S10 at its manufacturing lines in [South] Korea on January 25,”

A closer view

The publication was told by the source:

“The 5G Galaxy S10 is still in the pipeline and will start being produced later during the first half.”

Moreover, the source confirmed that all the three variants will flaunt an in-display fingerprint scanner where the two premium variants encompass an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner and the least expensive one has an optical fingerprint scanning solution. Undeniably, the ultrasonic solution is considered to be more advanced and accurate as compared to the optical solution as it maps out fingerprint in three dimensions. The source also confirms that the Samsung Galaxy S10+ variant will have 1TB storage option as well and all the three variants will be released with a detachable screen protector. Though the source fails to reveal the news whether the foldable phone will be launched alongside or not but instead voices doubt over its acceptability saying, “The expensive price will be a major hurdle for the foldable phone to go mainstream.”

Look beautiful to carry

Let’s just hope one of the phones being produced turns out to be yours!!