Chinese Mega Giant Tech Company Tencent is now shifting its focus to the live streaming market. The News came from Bloomberg, who reported that Tencent has developed its streaming platform. Moreover, it also said that they are silently testing their mobile-focused live streaming platform since March. The report also stated that Tencent is planning to launch a $30 million partnership program for their platform. The setup is rumored to start in July.

“Tencent being a backer for Mobile creators is definitely a big upside as they run most of the biggest competitive mobile games in the world,” said Bobby Plays, a gaming content creator with close to 450,000 subscribers on YouTube who recently joined the nascent service. He’s “had nothing but good experiences so far” with Trovo, though the platform operators haven’t directly communicated their Tencent affiliation to him, he added.

The Streaming Service Trovo looks very similar to Twitch, and the way it works is also close to Twitch. Furthermore, Trovo is currently having some sort of viewers. According to the report, they have around 2,600 COD Mobile Viewers. While on the other hand, it has a little over 200 Valorant Viewers. Tencent considering how big they are will take advantage of financial freedom. That is to say, Trovo will offer special packages to 500 Streamers across these five categories.

“We understand how difficult it is to rebuild on an entirely new platform and this is a burden we don’t want you to carry alone,” the partnership program announcement says. “Trovo strongly believes that monetization opportunities should be available to all streamers dedicated to making live streaming their career and we’re committed to helping support creators that support Trovo along the way!”

It’ll be very nice to see Twitch getting some competition. Mixer and Facebook Gaming aren’t on that level yet, and they have had a lot of issues. Tencent on the other hand has had a better success rate with its startups. We will update you, how well did Tencent’s Trovo do in the coming months.

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