Former Real Madrid player, and now Arsenal midfielder, Mesut Ozil has been removed from PES 2020 in China. The Arsenal player, who is a Muslim himself talked against China and asked other Muslims to protest on the ongoing situation of Uighurs Muslims. He further commented on Uighurs Muslims “warriors who resist persecution”

Mesut Ozil prays before Arsenal's game against Manchester City

The news was published by NetEase, who has published the Pro Soccer Revolution in China, said that Ozil has been removed from all three editions of PES in China. Additionally, Ozil statement was not taken by the club lightly. Arsenal club did not support the statement, and former Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger, who is considered Legend at the club also shared his thoughts.

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“What he says is about himself and not Arsenal,” said ex-Gunners boss Wenger.
“Mesut Ozil has freedom of speech like everyone else and he uses his notoriety to express his opinions, which are not necessarily shared by everybody.
“What’s important is that Ozil has an individual responsibility. He doesn’t have to carry the word of Arsenal Football Club. When you make a comment about your individual opinion you accept the consequences of it.”

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China official foreign Minister said that German footballer of Turkish Origin was misled by fake news.

“I don’t know if Mr Ozil has been to Xinjiang himself – but it seems he has been deceived by fake news, and that his judgment was influenced by untruthful remarks.
“If Mr Ozil has the opportunity, we will be pleased to see him go to Xinjiang and have a look.”

The Muslim community has praised Ozil for stepping up and showing the courage to talk about this cruelty. According to press Uighur Muslims are picked up from the house and dropped in Concentration camps, guarded by High Security. Many Journalists have supported this cruelty saying its true, and most of them refuse to comment on this subject.