Hideo Kojima’s debut Metal Gear 1987 stealth classic is getting a remake by a Modder for Doom. AutumnAPM has been developing this mod called Metal Gear: Doom for three years already, and he is not giving up yet. AutumnAPM is getting a lot of support from the community, and from the screenshots, the game looks great. This version of the game which is being developed on the Doom engine will be in first-person, unlike the original 1987 classic. However, he will keep the 8-bit look of the classic.

There is a playable Demo on MODDB however it’s just parts of the different things that the game offers. The release date for this mod has not been announced yet, but the game is getting regular updates. If you are a fan of Metal Gear 1987, you should stick around and play this mod when it comes out.


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