Metro Exodus is an upcoming story-driven first-person shooter. Metro Exodus takes place in a post-apocalyptic Russia destroyed by the nuclear war; Metro Exodus is set two years after Metro: Last Light. The player must scavenge, and they can also craft items and customize their weapons. Players take control of Artyom, a ranger whose objective is to lead his fellow Spartan Rangers and escape the metro to pursue a new life. However, escaping with ease is out of the question because you will have mutated monsters opposing you.

A few of the characters from the previous games will make their way to Metro Exodus as well as Anna, Artyom’s partner. Metro Exodus brings a lot of new features such as having two weapon slots and being able to customize them on the fly. You can also craft stuff, but for advanced crafting and customization, you are going to need a workbench. Fans might ask the question of whether the game is an open-world experience or the linear levels system like its predecessors. Well, Metro Exodus is a mix of both because it gives the players an opportunity of exploration through linear missions and non-linear missions.

Humanimal – Metro Exodus


Metro Exodus will feature new mutants such as the “humanimals” which are zombies that can throw stuff at you and shrimps which are sea creatures that shoot corrosive mucus. There are more mutants such as the Demons which seem like humongous mutated bats then comes the watchmen which come in packs.


Along with mutants, you will also run into humans. There are factions of humans which take place in seasons. There are five factions, first of them being “Hanza” who takes place in Winter. Hanza faction is ally of the elite Spartan Order, who still aim to maintain peace.

Spring brings in two more factions called Fanatics and Bandits. Fanatics and Bandits are the raiders of the society who seek to kill the survivors and steal their stuff.

Summer features the Fire Worshipers who are the rulers of the desert, and they feel as if they are superior from all of their rival humans.

The last faction is called Children of the Forest who are stranded children who got stranded during the war and are raised by a camp master to whom they refer as the “teacher.”

You can check out GameSpot’s 30-minute gameplay of the Metro Exodus.


Metro Exodus is set to be released on February 15th, and it will be available to play on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. A collector’s edition will also be available to purchase, if you buy it then you will get an Artyom action figure. Also, if you Pre-order the game you will Metro 2033 redux for free.

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