Yep, you read that title correctly:  You can buy a micro SD card that’s 1 TB in size.  SanDisk recently revealed that you can buy the first ever 1 TB card directly from their online store or from Amazon.  As of today, it’s out of stock in both locations, but when it’s available, it will set you back a cool $450. Read speeds are up to 160 MB/s and write 90 MB/s, assuming you have a gadget capable of reaching such impressive speeds.  Who would need (and being willing to pay) for such a card?

So there was a time when memory cards were only a few MBs and as time progressed, we saw 2-4-8 Gb memory cards as well. But now the storage capacity is only a number. 1024 gigs of storage have been achieved with more storage memory cards storage on the way.

SanDisk has made the first ever 1 TB memory card. In fact, anyone using a device in harsh conditions may want to check this out, as SanDisk says this Extreme card is “temperature proof, waterproof, shock proof, and x-ray proof.”  If you can think of any other great applications for such a large card, or if you can find a store where it’s in stock, let us know in the comments below.

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