As spring is right around the corner, Microsoft is releasing an update for the Xbox One X and Xbox One S with some great new features. However, this update is only available for those who are the part of the Xbox Insider’s “alpha ring” group for now.

1440p Video Output

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One of the key features of this update is the 1440p resolution support which is a popular resolution choice for PC gamers and enthusiasts who prefer to keep high frame rates instead of prioritizing 4K visuals. With 1440p support on Xbox One S and X, those with compatible monitors should be to make the most out of 2560 x 1440, or “QHD,” displays.

A New Level of Mixer Interactivity

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Now, mixer streamers broadcasting on either the Xbox One X or Xbox One S will be able to share their controller with a spectator who is watching the stream through, and the spectator will then be able to control the broadcaster’s gameplay either with a plugged-in Xbox controller hooked up to a PC or with an onscreen virtual gamepad. Mixer broadcasts will also pause instead of stop when streamers switch games, and Microsoft is adding the ability to start broadcasts from anywhere within the Xbox One’s interface.

New features added to the console’s web browser

You can now download and upload pictures, music and videos from Microsoft Edge on the console, downloaded content can then be browsed with the File Explorer app. The UI has also been updated but with a familiar more elegant design.

Those are the big changes, but for the full breakdown of the software changes arriving later this spring for the Xbox One, check out Microsoft’s post.