Very recently, we talked about Microsoft Flight Simulator’s insane screenshots compared to the same places in real life. Today, we have more on Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The game from Microsoft is coming close to its Beta, which will now start on July 30. If anyone, who had previously applied for the nine-month Alpha program should know. That the steps to apply for Beta are nearly identical. Moreover, Alpha Testers are given free access to Closed Beta.

According to the Microsoft blog, beta testing will only emphasize final testing. That means polishing, bug fixes, and overall feedback. Similarly, Alpha 5 has also been released with a wide range of tweaks. You can look at the list of improvements on the blog.

“All planes have received another round of polish and tuning. We continue to triage bugs and reset priorities when needed. You should also find an updated round of polish (on-going) to the world, airports, scenery, and the weather.”

All you have to do is just signup for the Xbox Insider Program. Afterward, fill up some details, and if you were accepted in beta testing. You will get a notification, guiding you on the process. Note that you will be testing the game for them, and it is completely free.

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