Microsoft Flight Simulator has just gotten a Marketplace Partner Program Update. The game from Microsoft featuring mind-blowing technologies set to release this year will include a “built-in Market Place which enables approved partners to sell their content directly to simmers”.

This program will allow players to mod and sell content to other players. It is somewhat, modding perhaps. The good thing about this program is that you will get paid. Players who publish content in the marketplace will get a percentage from sales. The revenue will be automatically generated.

We firmly believe that the new built-in Marketplace provides a great opportunity for you to reach more customers than you may be able to reach today. Our goals and aspirations with Microsoft Flight Simulator are to further expand on the success of FSX, which has sold millions of copies, and that even more people will experience the simulator through Xbox Game Pass for PC. The Marketplace allows simmers to purchase content without ever leaving the simulator, resulting in significantly reduced friction to complete a purchase.

The Marketplace will operate under an agency model, which means that you, as the content creator, will set the price for every piece of content you submit. Becoming a partner doesn’t alter your ability to sell your content on your own websites and storefronts. Just like with FSX, you can continue to sell your content outside of our Marketplace. Becoming a Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace Partner essentially unlocks another channel for you.

The signup is completely free. However, applications will be inspected by the Microsoft Team, and then they will let you know if it is approved or not. Likewise, Microsoft says they want to accept as many applications as possible, but they have a capacity to work with. Therefore, limited participants with unique skills will be a priority.

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