Microsoft is adding support for AMD’s FreeSync displays to its Xbox One X and Xbox One S consoles soon. The upcoming Xbox spring update already includes 1440p support on the Xbox One S and Xbox One X for monitors, but the addition of FreeSync will allow compatible displays to sync refresh rates with Microsoft’s consoles.

What is FreeSync?

FreeSync allows the system to synchronize directly with the monitor, and render the game at the framerate it’s capable of because the FreeSync monitor isn’t dictating the refresh rate. Each frame looks smoother and is delivered faster because the monitor isn’t in charge anymore, neglecting the screen tearing whenever the frames jump up and down.

More new features

Alongside the FreeSync addition, Microsoft is also planning to support auto low latency mode on TVs. This will allow compatible TVs, available later this year, to recognize when a game is being played and turn on game mode, or low latency mode to optimize gaming. Microsoft demonstrated this during the company’s Inside Xbox stream today, and the mode will switch back once a game isn’t running. This is particularly useful if you use Netflix or other media apps on an Xbox One, as game mode will be automatically disabled once you switch back to these types of apps.

It’s great to see a console maker taking interest in some of the features that have been available for PC gamers throughout the years, Microsoft is just on the right path to take control over Sony’s console since Sony isn’t taking much interest in features like these and could be potentially taken down by Microsoft’s recent ideas.