Microsoft Office has been the key software suite for all kinds of digital documentation work since ages. Microsoft constantly releases new and updated patches to the Office suite which makes it the best and the only choice for all kinds of people out there.

Today, Microsoft is going to start the previewing the features and changes to Office 2019. The first Office 2019 preview is available to business customers only as of now, with the features that are typically found in Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription. As usual, the Office 2019 is going to include the Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook client-like apps. Servers versions of exchange, SharePoint, and Skype for business will also be available.

Microsoft is going to target this Windows version of Office 2019 towards businesses that aren’t running Office-365, and the productivity suite will only run on Windows 10. There will also be a separate Office 2019 for Mac version will also be available for macOS. The updates include up to date and upgraded features of ink across the apps, like the roaming pencil case, pressure sensitivity, tilt effects, and ink replay; more powerful data analysis in Excel ranging from new formulas, new charts, and Power BI integration; and sophisticated presentation features in PowerPoint, like Morph and Zoom,” explains Microsoft’s Jared Spataro.

The expected release of Office 2019 might be at the end of the year, and most users will be business customers who aren’t subscribed to Office 365. All Businesses can sign up to try out Office 2019 right here.