A few days ago, Microsoft acquired Bethesda’s parent company ZenixMedia In a record-breaking $7.5 Billion Deal. Everybody saw more and more acquisitions from Microsoft. However, no one would have expected Bethesda to sell out for a sum like that. Phil Spencer said that they slow down from acquiring more and more studious for Xbox.

Yesterday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella who always backs acquisition said that they will continue to Invest in more. According to Satya, you simply cannot wake up and decide to make a new studio. You must have content, so more audience could be reached.

“Content is just the incredible ingredient to our platform that we continue to invest in,” he said, pointing to the company’s continued investment in Xbox Game Pass.

You can’t wake up one day and say, Let me build a game studio. The idea of having content is so we can reach larger communities.

Well, it is turning out to be pretty great for Microsoft. With Bethesda’s acquisition, they can now add more and more games to Game Pass. This will certainly help boost the playerbase of the subscription service. Right now, they have hands-on Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Wolfenstein, Doom, and many more franchises. It is up to them, what they want.