Many people come across this game “Minecraft’ while surfing on the internet. At this point, Minecraft has taken over almost all the platforms with its explosive fanbase and marketing making it one of the most played game of this age with a mind-blowing userbase of 91 million per month reported this summer! Yes, despite its plain and laid back graphics, this game continues to thrive with an astonishing sales of 154 million copies. This is a massive success on Microsoft’s part which bought this game back in 2014. Since then, they are on an uphill journey to success with an expanding fanbase worldwide.

For an untrained eye, it seems mind-boggling when a game with such rudimentary graphics, even stupid to some, to gain this much notoriety amongst other behemoths of games boasting an extreme level of graphical finesse. Those who are active players of Minecraft knows that this game brings them a different recipe for enjoyment by giving them the command over the game settings and the world around them. They can design the world around them however they want by running their creative capabilities wild.

Let’s take a brief look over its history. it is made by a single man named Markus Persson aka “Notch”. At the time, it was a work in progress game with rudimentary graphics and simple controls with a fair tendency to crash and break while running as it wasn’t finished as a game. Still, it managed to build a loyal fanbase on PC with millions of people buying and playing the game. Later on, Microsoft bought the game in 2014 which was a bit surprising for the tech world but it turned out to be a gold mine for Microsoft with an immense success and heartening sales.

What do we do in this game? Basically, it is an open world exploration game that gives you the power to build anything you want under your imagination from small and simple building blocks. It has an infinite potential for replayability and innovations depending on the player, a great example of this can be seen when a player Jacob Cranberry managed to recreate the whole “Game of Thrones” world by himself inside the game, how amazing is that? You can make a similar marvel like this if you’re capable of making a world of your own. The game not only provides you with countless opportunities to display your creative skills but also tests your basic skill as a gamer by housing diverse genres of gameplay. You can enjoy action game, farming, hangouts with friends all within the same game. All these elements backed up by the strong Minecraft community tuned it up a notch and brought this game up as one of the most played games with 91 million players worldwide this year, an increase of 21 million in 2018.