Monster Hunter: Iceborn DLC was recently added to the Monster Hunter franchise. The DLC since the start of release has just terrible, there is nothing good about it, except the new Ice. Monster Hunter: Iceborn was purchased by players for $40, and they got bad performances only.

The first major issue is that players are experiencing all their local and cloud saves being deleted. This was confirmed by huge tons of sources on Reddit & Steam. Once you install the expansion, the game shows an error saying that the save file cannot be found. Afterward, you make a new one and the game start from Scratch. Players who have played hundreds of hours, working hard for items are losing everything. Furthermore, here is the worst part. If you have created a new file, or closed game immediately, everything is directly redirected and saved to your cloud, hence all your old data is replaced and confirmed deleted. There is no way users can do anything about it.

Apart from this, PC Gamer says that this might be happening due to many mods being used by players, which can cause compatibility issues. Additionally, inactive players who tried to get the DLC were unable to update the changed save files format. Thus, Iceborn was unable to read older files. Furthermore, the save file isn’t the only issue. Players have complained that they are literally getting -1 fps on the main menu, and the CPU usage is always 100% making processor really hot. Thirdly, Capcom has also made specific keys uneditable, like Tab for example. The keybinds hope is completely gone.

Fellow Gamers have made a solution that can save some player’s future, however, this solution is restricted to those who have not started the DLC already. Firstly, you have to find your older saves and keep a backup. The Saved file is located in Steam\User data\(Steam name or ID)\582010. Additionally, if your saves were deleted or moved, you can restore them with the help of MHWSaveTransfer utility.

Capcom has acknowledged these issues, and they are working on the problem. Currently, no announcement or updates are released to solve this awful problem. The DLC cost $40, which is quite expensive, and nothing has been impressive so far. Monster Hunter: Iceworld forums have exploded with complaints, and the DLC official page on Steam has mostly negative reviews. I wonder how can Capcom turn things around and satisfy those who pre-ordered the DLC trusting Capcom.

We will follow up on the solution if anything was to happen from the Capcom side.

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