The hunt begins as Capcom launch the third and final beta version of Monster Hunter: World on Friday 19 Jan 2018.

The best of Monster Hunter series challenges you for glory!

Since its early announcement at Sony’s E3 2017 conference. The long-awaited game is set up for a simultaneous worldwide release in January 2018. Capcom’s next biggest game is an action role-playing game which is placed in an open environment. The players will battle it out in a third-person perspective. These players would have to take on the role of a Hunter assigned to kill or capture the ravaging bloodthirsty monsters. The attributes of the characters are not inherent rather they will be determined by the equipment that character carries.

monster hunter
Tame the untamable!

The game would support single-player both online and offline. Not only that, you can gather troops and hunt in packs of four players through the online cooperative mode. The game also supports Squads. Which is the equivalent of guilds or clans in online mass multiplayer games. It also features global matchmaking which will help players from different regions to play and effectively communicate with each other with the help of predefined commands. These predefined common greetings and commands will be translated into various languages according to the player’s language.

monster hunter
When titans collide…

But before the game’s eventual release on 26th January, the developers were keen on testing the waters through their final beta edition. The third beta version was set to be released on 19th January at 7:00 am (Pakistan Standard Time). It isn’t enough to satiate the thirst of fans but the beta version will remain live for three days. Sadly, these beta versions are only tailored for Sony’s PS4s and X-box fans would have to wait till the official release on the 26th. Whereas, PC gamers would have gulp patience up till the late quarters of 2018.


The latest beta version will also contain the ‘Great Devourer, Great Jagras’, ‘Wildspire Rampage’ and ‘The Ancient Forest Menace’ from the previous version. The primary mission for this release is the “terrifying and challenging flagship monster Nergigante”.

The murderous Nergigante

Monster Hunter fans be amazed!

At a community event in London, Mr. Ryozo, the producer of Monster Hunter: World made some fantastic suggestions. He mentioned that post-release their team will be working on providing free content update. The first release in this regard will likely be released in spring of 2018.

Take notice as early players give their initial reviews regarding the upcoming beta version:

As apparent as it is, the game’s dynamics seem to be outright amazing. Given the iconic legacy of the previous parts of the Monster Hunter series, people will definitely fan over this hot piece in the market.