Monster Hunter: Iceborn DLC is deleting save files for everyone, the game went full of flaws after its Iceborne expansion was released. When players opened the game, they lost their entire save files, and the game started from the beginning. Other problems included 100% CPU Usage, bad performance, lost keybinds, and constant crashes.

Capcom came forward and acknowledged this issue, afterward a patch was released to sort out this issue. Furthermore, players who made custom keybinds saved before October 30, 2018 will face a reset after update. However, it provided a solution in the following words. *The November 22, 2018 (UTC 0:00) Title Update added a customizable keyboard setup. If you convert from a save data that is timestamped before this November Title Update, the following error message will be displayed.

Apart from these major issues, Capcom said that Failed to load keyboard settings presets, Data is corrupt message is no issue, and players are required to ignore it. This mainly happened because it did not exist in pre-patch save data. The patch most importantly fixed 100% CPU usage, and significantly lowered it, hence resulting in more improved performance. Lastly, Capcom wrote that players are required to update the game if they want to match with the same updated players. All players can check their update version number on the bottom of their screen.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion cost $39.99 and players who pre-ordered this DLC were disappointed after the terrible launch. However, the game is doing really great despite these past issues. It had negative reviews on Steam, and now they have changed to Mixed. One can predict, that these will go to Positive after this. The game sold more than four million copies across PC & Consoles. This is impressive, considering the base game till now has 15 million sales, and Iceborne has just been released. Lastly, Capcom has also apologized to all players who faced this terrible week full of problems. You can now purchase Iceborne Expansion and Enjoy it freely.

Monster Hunter: Iceborn DLC is deleting save files for everyone
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