Everyone was wondering why Sony is not trying to release more of its first-party titles on PC. Well, they are doing it, and now they have sorta let the world know. They are up to big things

In a corporate Report, Sony mentioned that they are also paying close attention to bringing more first-party titles to PC. According to Sony, this is a strategic move and given the popularity of PC Gaming. This decision will pay off.

“We will explore expanding our 1st party titles to the PC platform,” says the report, “in order to promote further growth in our profitability.”

Other than this, it also mentioned that they are particularly interested in the Audience of PC Gaming. According to the report, Sony thinks that the market is well established and they have fans who are waiting for the exclusives to be playable on PC.

“”Competition from online PC games and players from other industries is expected to continue to intensify.”

This is really good news for PC Gamers, because we saw how much success Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn has had on PC. With more exclusives, things will only get better for Sony and PC Players. Microsoft is already doing it, and they are achieving a lot of success with Forza and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. We’ll see if any of those PS5 exclusives made it to PC someday. Those are one to dream off.

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