We are approaching the near stages of Xbox Series X, and just like that, we are also getting more insights into the console. Today in an event in Germany, the Xbox Series X came into the spotlight.

The Console looked very good, and the journalists who attended the Xperion e-arena event were allowed to take the pictures of Series X. Here are some of the pictures featuring its crazily fantastic design.

xbox series x images

Right now we are also hearing news about another Console that is going to be mini Series X. The Console described as Xbox Series S will be much smaller and I can’t imagine how small it will be. In other words, the Xbox Series X is already very compact and the design is well done.

Both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are set to be released in the coming months. Those who were very eagerly waiting for Series X along with Halo Infinite must be disappointed, as Halo Infinite was pushed to 2021. Other than this, the PlayStation 5 comes in two variants, the digital and disc drive. The disc drive one will be a little bit expensive from what we have heard.

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