After the successful launch event of the Mountain Dew Games Arena, the event finally kicked off on 19th October 2018, starting with the Lahore, Pakistan qualifiers for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament.

Image courtesy: Abdul “HSB” Haseeb

The qualifiers held 32 teams head to head, and the outcome of one of the best teams of Lahore was filled with intense adrenaline and hype.

The two days Lahore Qualifiers tested all of the professional teams that were participating in the event from Lahore. A total of 32 teams fought their way in the intense battle of the CS: GO Realm. The finalists were team PORTAL ESPORTS and SLAY N FLAY. These two teams totally gave all of their efforts, experience and ultimately team Portal Esports took the win, securing the Lahore Qualifiers title for their team.

Image: Mountain Dew PK
Image: Mountain Dew PK

Now, Karachi and Islamabad’s CS: GO Qualifies awaits as the Dota Qualifiers are ongoing. We’ll surely keep you guys updated on the Dota Qualifiers as well.

Top-Notch Marketing

In the meantime, Mountain Dew is taking the marketing campaign to the next level by introducing renowned showbiz personalities to the world of gaming and esports. Recently mountain dew settled a competitive between Mikaal Zulfiqar and Uzair Jaswal, it was a duel of a CS: GO 1 vs 1 match which tested the hidden gamers inside the two famous personalities. The match was live-streamed on Mountain Dew’s PK facebook today. The whole match was kind of fun and not so serious, as the original matches of CS: GO tournaments depict intense chaos and rage of the professional teams as the game is intense itself. Mikaal Zulfiqar won the duel and then he admired dew’s efforts later on the live-stream.

Image: Mountain Dew PK
Image: Mountain Dew PK

It’s quite an impressive approach from a Food & Beverage Company like Mountain Dew to take part in the esports scene of Pakistan which was on the edge of being extinct if we go back in the start of the time. Pakistan was falling behind in the esports realm overall. It was only a matter of time that organizations like Portal and IGEN Gaming gave their best efforts to revive the dead scene of E-Sports in Pakistan and then later on GamebirdPK took everything to the next level by introducing the biggest esports event in the history of Pakistan, it was the revolutionary point of the revival of Esports in Pakistan. Today we’re seeing big brands like mountain dew taking part which, to be honest, is a sort of pleasure to see.

The Karachi and Islamabad CS: GO Qualifiers will commence shortly. We’ll keep everyone updated with the latest shenanigans of the Dew Gamers Arena PK, so stay tuned for more!