A Taiwanese News Outlet, Liberty Times has reported that MSI’s CEO Charles Chiang has passed away. According to the report, Chiang had fallen from the roof of a seventh-floor building. Afterward, he instantly died while reaching to the hospital. Fans are completely shocked, how a CEO could drop out of a seventh-floor building. Right now, we don’t have any details on the incident.

Chiang had worked in MSI for over 20 years. The company had just been found in 1986 when Chiang had first joined as a Vice President of Engineering in 1999.

“Earlier today, MSI GM and CEO Charles Chiang passed away,” an MSI spokesperson told Tom’s Hardware. “Having been a part of the company for more than 20 years, he made outstanding contributions and was admired by his colleagues. Mr. Chiang was a respected leader in the MSI family, and helped pave the way for the brand’s success. We are all deeply saddened by the news, and are mourning the loss of Mr. Chiang. He will be deeply missed by the entire team.”

The guy was known to be very humble, and as Toms Hardware described it. They interviewed him two times, and Chinag was very open to all sorts of issues. He recently discussed his thoughts on U.S. Trade War with China, and how it had impacted PC Products. In 2010 Chiang had become the General Manager of The Company’s Desktop Platform Business Division. In the same vein, Chiang was CEO for only a year, as he was moved to the upper ranks last year.

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