Recently I talked about the ultimate gaming monitor ViewSonic Elite XG270QG 27. It was everything one could ask for in a 165Hz 1080p monitor. Today, MSI has also revealed their new Optix series monitor. Its called Optimix MAG322CR: The monitor features 31.5-inch Curved display with a 180Hz refresh rate.


ESports & Competitive players want the highest possible refresh rate, and we can see refresh rate technology getting advanced. Recently, 360Hz was also introduced, and it might just keep growing. Furthermore, MSI Optix MAG322CR has 8bit+FRC VA Panel with 1920×1080 (1080p resolution). It offers a maximum brightness of 300nits, 3000:1 contrast ratio, 1 ms MPRT response, and a maximum refresh rate of 180 with VESA Adaptive-Sync support. Additionally, it also supports Freesync, and gsync support is not confirmed. The monitor also says HDR support, however, it is very unlikely because 300 nits max brightness is VESA’s lowest DisplayHDR Tier. Thus, do not expect any insane HDR pixels.

  • Curved Gaming display (1500R) – The best gameplay immersion.
  • 180Hz Refresh Rate – Real smooth gaming.
  • 1ms Response Time – eliminate screen tearing and choppy frame rates.
  • Gaming OSD App – Create the ultimate viewing settings for your game.
  • HDR Ready-Provide eye-catching detail through contrast and shadows adjustment.
  • Night Vision: See every detail clearly in the dark, helping you find and attack enemies before they notice.
  • Connect with Type-C:Easily connect your laptop or PC to the MSI Optix MAG322CR display via type-C port.
  • AMD FreeSync™ Premium Technology – Tear free, stutter free, fluid gaming.
  • Anti-Flicker and Less Blue Light – game even longer and prevent eye strain and fatique.
  • Frameless design – Ultimate gameplay experience.
  • 178° wide view angle.
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The connectivity consists of two HDMI ports (2.0b), USB-C Port, and DisplayPort (1.2a). Two USB 2.0 and 3.5 mm audio output is also offered.

Why not 1440p, or 24/27 Inch. Why 180Hz, and not 165Hz.
Furthermore, this specific release from MSI is kind of weird. We all know that 180Hz is pretty new, and its not any different from 165Hz. The two Refresh rate is very similar, and the difference is unnoticeable. Furthermore, another question raised is that the latest Monitors are high refresh rate and low screen size. We previously wrote about 360Hz monitors will be 24 inches (0.61 m) mostly.

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The main reason behind 24/27 inch (0.69 m) being so popular is that they are competitive oriented. It’s very easy to see everything on 24/27-inch monitors. We have seen pro players also using further black bars to reduce screen size, and further increase awareness. In my opinion, MSI was focusing on non-competitive casual players, who would normally play FPS games from time to time. I mean, players like me who play once in a while would prefer a luxurious large display with a good refresh rate, rather compared with a small 24-inch display. However, here is the question to MSI. Why would you make it 1080p then? make it 1440p at least. MSI might be thinking that getting FPS on 1440p and 180 Hz would be pretty hard, so downgrade to 1080p.

Lastly, the price is pretty good for $330, considering its 32 Inch and 180Hz.


  • Panel size—31.5 inches
  • Panel resolution—1920×1080
  • Aspect ratio—16:9
  • Refresh rate—180Hz
  • Response time—1ms (MPRT)
  • Panel type—VA (vertical alignment)
  • Brightness—300 nits
  • Viewing angles—178 degrees (horizontal and vertical)
  • Curvature—1800R
  • Contrast ratio—3,000:1 (typical), 100,000,000:1 (dynamic)

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