The Revenue split from Game platforms has become a serious topic. Steam started with 70/30 split, and it went well for a decade. Until Epic Games Store became a major platform and decided to share 88/12 split. This was a major blow to what was steam offering, however, Steam is still getting new publishers, due to its massive popularity and uniqueness.

Similarly today, My.Games have become the center of attention. The gaming store announced that it’ll give 90 percent of the revenue, hence offering a 90/10 split. However, there is a slight twist to the topic. According to My.Games, this will only happen if the purchases are made through the publisher’s advertising campaign. On the other hand, when there are no purchases being made through advertising campaigns. The usual split is the same as Steam, which is 70/30.

“The new option offers a revenue split of 90/10, where 90% of the revenue goes to the developer and 10% to the platform. The new revenue split applies to all purchases that have been made via the developer’s own advertising campaigns.” – My.Games Blog

“The link can then be used in any advertising campaigns on platforms including Facebook, Google, streaming channels and blogs. Purchases that are then made using the link will automatically provide 90% of revenue to the developer.”

The purchases will be tracked back, similar to what Facebook Pixel does with Ecommerce Sites. Moreover, developers can generate a trackable link that could be used in their advertisements. Hence, there will be authenticity where purchases are coming from.

It’ll be quite exciting to have another game platform around. Gamers will get more options, and they can shop through different sales intervals. Similarly, we can also expect more free games from these stores. My.Games has a lot of free games on their site like Warface, and Obisidian’s Tank MMO. Make sure you check it out!

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