Yesterday, Need for Speed Heat got a new update after which it has now become the first Need for Speed and EA Title to have cross-play. Now, players from all other platforms can simply hook up together and this becomes very interesting.

My friends over at Xbox and PlayStation always wanted to race me, but sadly due to unavailability of cross-play, there was no chance. However, with this update, I’m pretty excited how much playerbase will expand and I can play with my friends from different platform.

Playing with a friend from a different platform is easy. All you have to do is enable cross-play when the Update is downloaded. if you missed that, go to your privacy settings in the game menu and enable from there. Moreover, you can search any of your friends on Party Menu or check who is online on the EA Friends Tab. Afterward, you can invite them to a party. Further, make sure your friend also has cross-play enabled from his settings.

The Update size on Xbox One is 6.90 GB, while on PS4 it is 7.16 GB. PC players will have a slightly smaller update, sizing at just 1.10 GB.

The New update has fixed a lot of bugs, and the infamous error DR1005 will be faced less often.

Here are the General Fixes from EA Forums

General Fixes

  • Improved cop car logic to reduce occurrences where cop cars significantly reduced player car health in one hit.
  • Some cops would behave very passive while in a pursuit and not perform maneuvers to stop your car. They should now be more motivated to take you down as long as they’re actively pursuing you. This is no overall buff or nerf of the cops, it just affected a small percentage of cop cars that were pursuing, but not engaging.
  • We fixed an issue where some rewards didn’t trigger correctly when hitting 100% of collectables. You should now receive the vanity items Rainbow Nitrous, Black Tire Smoke and the “If you’re happy and you know it” horn.
  • Made a few tweaks so you should encounter error DR1005 less often.
  • Similarly, the probability of inventory synchronization errors has been significantly reduced.

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