Recently, we wrote about the remaster of One of the Best Need For Speed Games Ever. Yes, we are talking about Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, which was recently in the spotlight when its first remaster rumors surfaced the internet. This was reported by a journalist, who is highly connected to many individuals from the games industry. Here were his remarks in June about Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Remaster

“Then EA is going back to the racing-game remasters. As a followup to Burnout Paradise Remastered, the publisher is next going to update 2010’s Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. Like Burnout, that game will also come to Switch in addition to PC and other consoles.”

Today, we have gotten another evidence that this game is actually happening. An Amazon Listing of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit was posted in the UK. The game was also given a release date and said November 13. Along with that, it also said that Need For Speed Hot pursuit Remaster Will Release on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One which is quite weird.

Anyhow, I think its too early, because if there was a game like that planned, EA would have talked about it in EA Play. While the new game releases, I think you should start playing the original, It was in my opinion the best arcade racing game in its days. I know many fans adore Need For Speed Most Wanted and Carbon, but I can assure you this one is also worth it

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