One of the developers of Apex Legends appears to have teased the upcoming character to the battle royale shooter by uploading pictures from a Respawn motion capture session.

We already know that Apex Legends is about the get the most exciting features ever. However, a new character might be coming to the game. Respawn Entertainment’s producer; Tina Sanchez uploaded two photos on Twitter which are attached above. We can see that Tina is wearing a suit that is covered in sensors, and she is carrying a cane alongside the message “working on Apex Legends stuff.” In the response of this tweet, a fan asked if the images relate to Crypto. Tina simply replied with a mouthless emoji. You can also read the full tweet below.

The consideration is that Crypto is a hacking specialist, and it might be the next Apex Legends character. This all began when a laptop showed up in King’s Canyon before Season 2: Battle Charge.

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