The show “Narcos” based on the timeline of Colombian Cartel was a great success. The show made a lot of made fans and people enjoyed watching it. Hence, there is a game coming based on the show “Narcos”.

The game Narcos: Rise of the cartel is a strategic game based on the show. It is developed by Kuju and published by Sacrifice Publisher Curve Digital. Additionally, the game is being described as “Brutal war over what they call white gold”. Narcos: Rise of the cartel will feature third-person action with finest strategies being used. Players will be allowed to either side with Medillin Cartel or join hands with Drug Enforcement Authority (DEA). You will be able to play as Escobar or Agent Steve Murphy. The game will follow Narcos till season 3 because Pablo Escobar is only featured till season 3.

It will inherit most of the gameplay from the show. Most of the characters from the show are featured in the game. The game cover features most of the cast. Players would be able to use the perks and powers of each character, thus strategies will play an important role in the game.

Narcos: Rise of Cartel has its characters designed like the real cast of the Narcos show. These would include Wagner Moura as Escobar and Boyd Holbrook as Steven Murphy.

The Release date for Narcos: Rise of Cartel is not confirmed yet. However, Steam shows that it’ll be released by fall 2019. Apart from this, the game will support PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch. Pre-Orders for the game have not started yet.

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