Dell just moved on from their previous budget-oriented Inspiron-branded “Gaming Series” lineup, introducing a new line up of gamer-specific budget laptops. This generation of gaming laptops is called “G” by dell followed by numbers.

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The G3, G5, and G7 budget gaming laptops are equipped with Nvidia’s Gtx 1050, 1050Ti, and 1060 Max-Q GPUs, 8th- gen Intel Processors and up to Core i9 series as well in the G5 and G7.

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The G7 has an optional 4k display, and a 17-inch version of the G3 is also available. The G5 and G7 have some exceptional networking technology built into them with a backlit keyboard as well.

The G3’s pricing will start at $749 and the G5 being started at $799, and the G7 will cost a fortune of 849$ as a starter. The basic models have slow mechanical hard-drives and limited RAM, but the faster Solid-State drives are available in more expensive options that are G5 and G7.

The specifications are pretty much on par with the current high-end expensive laptops but why is the price reasonable? :

Because of the build quality, Dell managed to tone down the quality of the materials used in the production of the laptop to make it a budget-friendly one without letting down the hardware.

Although there are a lot of good options available at the 999$ mark when it comes to gaming laptops, If you are only locked up at a certain amount and cant go beyond 800 then the ‘G’ series from Dell can be your go-to since these are cheaply built machines. But if you need the absolute most laptop GPU and CPU for your dollar, and build quality isn’t a concern, Dell’s new G series and its “performance-inspired” faux carbon fiber aesthetic might be worth looking into.

Check out the Dell G7 at Dell’s site here.