Release Notes for 10/9/2018

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular e-sport titles that has been around for 6 years now and what makes it one of the most competitive and skill-based FPS titles is how it constantly evolves. The game’s developers have always made sure that there is no constant meta that has to be followed to be the best in-game. This has been made sure by regular updates to how the game is played. This update like many others is what largely affects the basic meta that the game had been following for quite a while now. Today we will be looking at how the Gameplay updates to the economy and guns will bring about changes to the meta of the game.

New meta? No more an easy 3-0 for pistol winners.

For the first time for a long while we will be seeing the impact of winning the pistol rounds in a match greatly reduced and the importance and difficulty of winning anti-eco rounds increased. With the adjustments to the game’s economy system and money rewards, we can now be seeing force-bought SMGs instead of an upgraded pistol round for the 2nd round into the half where the losing team receives $1900 instead of $1400. All of this means that going 3-0 in the game and half will not be as easy as it was for the pistol round winners.

CZ-75 nerf / Tec9 buffed

The CZ-75 and the tec-9 will be seeing a recoil pattern change which will greatly affect how the pistols have been used up till now. Before this update, the CZ-75 was more of a close quarters pistol and with the changes brought in with this update is being encouraged to be used as a semi-automatic pistol rather than a full automatic with burst/tap style shooting. The tec-9 had gone full out of fashion as the T-side choice of the pistol over the CZ-75 after its last update where tap style shooting was trying to be forced upon its user. In an attempt to revive the pistols fame the developers have tried to compensate by reducing the movement inaccuracy and increasing accuracy recovery rate which in layman terms means that you can go back to the run and gun style of using the tec-9 which made it so famous and loved by the community and also made Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer one of the most feared pro pistol round and anti-eco players back in 2015.

Discounts on Costs of AUG/SG553

Since the game’s inception, the main rifles of choice have always been the AK-47 and the M4A4/M4A1s for the terrorist and counter-terrorists respectively. With the recent reduction in the prices of the scoped automatic rifles, the developers are trying to encourage their use and bring a little more gun-usage diversity to full-buy gun rounds.

  • SG553 price reduced to $2750
  • AUG price reduced to $3150

With the recent economy and gun changes brought in this update, we can look forward to some interesting Pro-team match-ups in the following days to see how the professional teams react to the changes and how quickly they adapt to them. This is exactly what makes this game which moves onto its 7th year after release so strong. After all, an interesting pro-scene, its player-base, and viewership interest is what gives esports titles’ its life eventually.

Biome and Sub-Zero good news for the casuals?

In an attempt to revive the game amongst its casual gamers as well community-made maps “Biome” and the highly anticipated “SUB-ZERO” made by famous map developer “FMPONE” will be making an entry to the official map pool for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The update may be aimed to bring changes towards both the casual and competitive player base of the game. However, these changes may bring some level of to disappointment both the category of players that would rather like to see changes to the anti-cheat client and another operation. It has been almost a year since Valve has released a new operation for the game. It will be interesting to see what updates will be prioritized in the upcoming days by Valve.

Happy fragging!