PlayStation 5 has just been a mystery since its rumours first started flowing. We only heard of its titles and the latest PS5 Logo. Today, there is a popular rumour floating around social media that indicates PS5 pre-order date. It claims that Sony will start PS5 pre-orders from March 5.

This was posted by a user on Twitter called @PSErebus, who was 100% accurate about Last of Us Part 2 initial release date. Hence, making the rumour very exciting.

He also claims that PS5 will be revealed in March. The Console will be released in North America on November 20, 2020, at a price point of $499. Furthermore, he says that pre-orders for the latest Gran Turismo is set to start in Spring 2020, hence March or May. His further claims include GTA 6, that will be released in Fall 2021.

Additionally, PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatible, with PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. Well, this guy has spoken a lot regarding rumours, but it is a big claim, considering he has also included GTA 6 and Gran Turismo, that have nothing confirmed. We still have to consider that this person got Last of Us Part 2 reveal date spot on.

In my opinion, PlayStation 5 pre-order availability in March makes sense. Sony has been skipping all events, throughout the year, because according to them, it is not in their best interest. I am pretty sure, they are set to shock the world with PlayStation 5 reveal in February.

As I said, we all know a little about PlayStation 5 so far. I think, that they are hiding a lot about PlayStation 5, maybe because they are afraid that Microsoft would find their features helpful, and implement in their own Xbox. Furthermore, this would only make sense if Sony is introducing a unique feature in PlayStation 5. That world has never seen before.

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