Apparently, the Xbox Series X will be shipping out with a much faster and beefed up GPU than its rival, the PlayStation 5. We heard rumors in early 2019 that Microsoft aims to feature their next-gen console with 8C/16T and 12 TFLOPs of performance and now after almost a year gone by, we see those claims slowly coming closer to the truth.

Microsoft is looking for a November 22 release with a $500 price tag. Here is a look at both the options side by side, and on paper Xbox Series X takes the lead by a margin and we can be expecting a huge performance gap between the two. Check out the Xbox Series X – World Premier in 4k here.

Xbox Series X

  • 12 TFLOPs
  • 56 Compute Units
  • 560GB/sec Memory Bandwidth

PlayStation 5

  • 9.2 TFLOPs
  • 36 Compute Units
  • 448GB/sec and 512GB/sec Memory Bandwidth

Even though there is a gap in the specs of both the next-gen consoles on paper, we will need to wait for the real in-game performance of the two to paint a clearer picture among them and whether Microsoft can make a comeback from the failure of its previous console as compared to the massively successful PlayStation 4.

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