Microsoft is constantly working on better updates for the Xbox platform, as we’ve seen previous worthy updates that did a great job in enhancing the experience of the Xbox even further with the 1440p support. After the 1440p support update, Microsoft added Freesync support with some software changes as well.

Today, Microsoft has just announced a set of new Xbox One dashboard features that are going to start rolling for the Alpha Preview members in the June update. However, The update won’t be available to the wider Xbox One user population until a later date, but as, usual the early preview features will give us an advance look at what’s coming.

A new customization option called Groups will allow you to create custom collections of games and apps. They’re essentially custom sets of Pins, so you’ll be able to display multiple collections on the Home and the My Games and Apps menus. Your Groups will be tied to your Xbox Live account, so they’ll appear consistently across multiple consoles.

Other new features include an improved search, with the function mapped to Y across anywhere in the dashboard and easier access to displaying more results. You’ll also be able to store multiple wi-fi passwords, and the Narrator will add five more languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, and Dutch. The notes mention an improvement to family sharing with child accounts.

Some users will also get experimental features as pilot tests for the future. The full announcement also includes notes on changes made based on user feedback, and bug fixes.