The Coronavirus outbreak continues worldwide as many countries announce state of emergency. Similarly, there are many health organizations that are trying their best to help the victims of the disease. Some companies that are not related to health are donating money or some sort of equipment. We heard that Razer, Alibaba, Apple, and many others have donated masks to needy centres.

Today we have another generous company Nintendo, that has donated 9,500 N95 respirator masks to North Bend, Washington. This news was first shared by North Bend on their official website, where they thanked Nintendo for its donation.

Nintendo has been “Putting Smiles on the Faces of Everyone Nintendo Touches”, according to their Corporate Social Responsibility statement. Today is no different. Nintendo representative Jerry Danson contacted Eastside Fire & Rescue (EF&R) to generously donate over 9,500 N95 Particulate Respirator masks.


The N95 Respirator masks and other personal protective equipment are among the most requested items for first responders and health care providers.

They were originally bought for emergency
Furthermore, Jerry Danson said that these masks were purchased for emergency situation. However, looking at current conditions and the lack of availability, they decided that it had to be donated. These masks will be distributed by the Eastside Fire & Rescue staff throughout the region.

Coronavirus has taken a lot of lives, and it keeps progressing. There is no solution to it, other than following precaution steps. Everyone around the globe should stay home and avoid contact with others. Companies who have stepped up in such difficult time will be surely remembered after this pandemic is over.

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