Sega along Nier were celebrating their anniversaries in good fashion. SEGA released a new nostalgia website, that featured a giveaway, and they promised to release new special content. On the other hand Nier has teased two titles, that include a new mobile game, and a remake of Nier 2010 title.

New Mario Projects at Nintendo?
Today, many sources confirm that Nintendo will release “most of the Super Mario’s 35-year back catalog this year, remastered for Nintendo Switch”. Well, no details about specific games have been confirmed, however, they are in works as confirmed by Eurogamer. A teaser on VGC showed that Mario Galaxy is one of the titles in works, and well its quite true.

Sources with insiders
Update: Gematsu confirms that Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine, are also in the process of a remake. They also said that more Mario titles are planned to release in 2020, including a new Paper Mario. Furthermore, a Deluxe Version of Super Mario 3D World will also be released, that will feature an array of new levels.
Through incredible sources within companies, Eurogamer, VGC, and Gematsu are 100% sure that most of these Mario games are in works.
Mario Galaxy, Mario 64, and Mario Sunshine will be part Nintendo Switch 2020 Lineup as remastered projects. The new titles include Super Mario 3D World, and Paper Mario, with a lot of new levels.
These rumors circulate because Nintendo announced in June that they will list their anniversary plans at E3. However it was canceled due to COVID-19 outbreak. Nintendo has not commented on these rumors, but its likely that they will be talking about it in coming week.

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