Nintendo suffers 2 terabytes of Leak containing source code

Well, the Nintendo leaks continue, as this time around 2 terabytes of data has been leaked. This includes source code/design files for Wii online and much more. According to restera, the leaks happened on the 4chan forum, along with that there are numerous sources confirming the news.

The source contain could be used to make something of its sort, and this could be done very easily. There are details from future Projects. These include Mirror House Cornflakes, along Nintendo 64 Test Software.

More over some people who can access the leaks claim that Spaceworld demos relating N64 titles are also inside it.

Nintendo Insider Details

The codes also include Wii Remote Strategies and Algorithms in highly detailed documents. Furthermore, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Concept highly detailed documents are available. Anyone can use this data to replicate many things, however this would be highly illegal, and they can serve jail time for that. According to various sources, the leak happened through BroadOn, which is company partnered with Nintendo that developers Wii Hardware and Software.

The leaks could contain the details for these

  • N64, GameCube and Wii source code
  • Diagrams and datasheets for every system component
  • Documents describing feature planning and implementation
  • Full Wii operating system SDK
  • Planning docs for implementation of the Wii from 2004-2006
  • Spaceworld ’99 demos

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