Another Nintendo Leak has now happened, and we aren’t surprised anymore. This time the source code for many Nintendo Games has been leaked. These also include the infamous N64 Mario titles and Legend of Zelda games.

These prototype versions of the old Nintendo titles are rumored to be part of an earlier leak, that happened in May. That leak was also massive and had contained similar source code for Wii, GameCube, and many others.

The leak has brought forward numerous amount of things. For example, Star Fox developer made a tool many years ago, and now someone has access to it.

According to numerous reports, the leak contains source code for many famous games like Super Mario World, Star Fox, F-Zero Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, and many more. Players on Twitter are quite happy they have gotten access to classic games and some of them being in early beta. However, many are worried about Nintendo’s continuous leaks. Reports indicate that someone broke into Nintendo’s internal server and leaked these, because its really hard to get access to some of these builds, that go all the way back to 1992.

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