Very Recently, Nintendo went through a crisis, during which they were unable to restock the Nintendo Switch. This happened particularly after many reports indicated that there are bots automatically ordering the Nintendo Switch on vast Scale. Therefore, the Switch immediately went out of stock. Today’s meeting was a followup on the plans to increase switch production by 10% this year.

In a shareholder meeting, Nintendo said that they are now getting Switch Production back on track. Along with that, all 2020 Games released for Nintendo Switch are also in progress.

In the same meeting, Nintendo said that their plans will be disrupted if Corona waves started to appear again.

“We could not manufacture [Switch] as planned until May but production has been largely recovering from June,” he said. “We expect it to normalize around summer.”

“Currently, we do not see any impact on software set to go on sale this year, but there is a possibility that we cannot sell it as scheduled in the event of a second or third wave (of coronavirus infections.)”

“I am sorry for causing trouble to the consumers,” Furukawa said. “We want to deliver (the console) to as many people as possible. We will improve the situation as soon as possible.”

In the same vein, the meeting was attended by 114 shareholders Only. Nintendo reduced the number of seats due to COVID-19.

In other Nintendo News, Minecraft Dungeons replaced Animal Crossing as the best selling game on Nintendo eShop. Last year, Nintendo sold 21.03 Million Switch Units, and consumers were mostly motivated by Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Lastly, Nintendo Switch’s demand grew so much that in Japan they had to suspend it.

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