Few days ago Nintendo reported that shipments will carry throughout US and Europe without any issues. However, a new report by Nikkei suggest otherwise.

No More Shipments in Japan
In a report by the Asian site, Nintendo has suspended all shipments in Japan. The growing pandemic has severely increased the demand of the console because all are at home playing games. Similarly, there are also logistic issues faced by Nintendo.

“We haven’t been able to keep up the supply,”

Factories in China and Vietnam are back to work as we heard from Sony. Nintendo officials have also reported the same, however, the factories are not able to work with full potential. A spokesperson said “recovered to a certain point” only.


U.S. & Europe
Shipments in The U.S. and Europe will continue without any issues. Its likely that their remaining stock in those places will be able to full fill demand, whereas it looks like Japan has more Nintendo consumption.
The Coronavirus outbreak has increased so much demand in the game industry, that 830,000 Switch and Switch Lite Systems were sold in just a month. The 830,000 sales brought Nintendo 13 million.

We only heard it 2 months ago in February that Nintendo announced, shipments to Japan and Korea will be delayed. However, nobody expected they would suspend it. Its understandable that they are getting more demand than usual.

We saw Steam & Major other games setting new benchmarks in terms of the player base. Similarly, Console & PC manufacturers are also facing huge demand.

In order to full-fill these demands, they must have stock and freely running Logistics. These two factors are being affected by the COVID-19, hence the suspensions or delay.

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