Marking the 2 year anniversary for the notorious exploration and survival game No Man’s Sky, Hello Games are launching their biggest update for the game. The amount of new content is more than enough to satisfy the needs to add another dimension to the game, this is apparent from the detailed patch notes for the game’s latest version. The new version (1.5) will be called “Next”. The game will be further strengthened along with previous additions of multiplayer features, expanded base-building options, a load of new cool updates and features are expected to come.

Following is the list of new changes to come in the game;

In Game community Content:

Hello Games has planned its first season of weekly content and community events. This has been done soon after the release of this new version ‘”Next”.

The players will be able to interact with XBox One streamers to hinder/ help their gameplay.

Payers will be able to unlock new rewards and customizations in this microtransaction free missions.

A new website by Hello Games, Galactic Atlas:

Hello Games has launched the new website along with NEXT which is dedicated for the community. The site is featuring some points of interest in No Man’s Sky Euclid Galaxy and it will expand in functionality over time through your feedbacks. Finally, Key Regional Hubs are being marked with discovery statistics and community events appearing soon.

Hello Games are aiming to make this game less solitary through the enforcement of multiplayer features. With the addition of new tools, community missions, and weekly contents the community is getting more creative than before. One striking multiplayer feature adding to the better experience of the game is the Co-op exploration available for the player through interaction with other players, if they don’t feel like it, they can play on their own with many new online communication features.

Crafting and Resources: 

They have increased the consistency and realism of the game by recrafting the core substances and resources. furthermore, they have expanded the planetary resources by addition of unique items and substances to refine according to the respective planet’s biome and weather. You can now pick and carry deployable techs. They have upped the crafting by addition of buildable refiners and experimentation with refiners to discover new possibilities.

Procedural tech:

We can now discover unique procedural tech by which we can modify our Exosuit, Multi-Tool, and Starships


The essence of this game is, of course, the exploring the unknown planets and unraveling new terrains,  species, flora and fauna. They have added some stunning updates in this department as well. Terrain manipulator has been meticulously updated, now you can use it to find and excavate buried mines to unearth locked ancient treasures and locate buried technology modules and turn the salvages components into new base parts. They have added more realism and intelligence to the creatures, they will move away from danger as a group, their response to food is more enthusiastic now and they will more actively recognize you as your friend. Animations are entirely revamped and the movements are much more fluent. Player animations and mechanics have also bee improved. Now you can stand your ground in combat, or escape during the time between reinforcement waves and fine a place to hide from drone scans and searches.

You can get further detailed information regarding the visual, UI and base-building changes on the No Man’s Sky website.